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Advanced Laser Services

*All services listed below will be performed in North Scottsdale.
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Venus Viva– Radio Frequency Resurfacing $675 | (3) $1720| Face & Neck $775 | Scars – Consult required
Take 10 years off your appearance! Good for all skin types. This treatment is used to reduce the appearance acne scars, stretch marks, large pores, deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Treatments vary 3-4 sessions, every 4-6 weeks apart. The exact number of treatments varies per individual. Post Care kit Included.

Vivace– MicroNeedling with RF $875 | (3) $2230 | Face & Neck $975
This minimally invasive treatment adds volume, tightens, firms, stimulates collagen and helps with active acne/acne scarring. Results are immediate and enhance with multiple treatments. Red and Blue light therapy are also added to enhance benefits. A series of 3-4 treatments are recommended. Results are continual. Post Care kit included.

Alma RF Pixel– Face $499 | Full Face/Décolleté $699 | Stretch Mark Reduction $199+ | Acne Scar Reduction $199+ | Eye Lift $199
Radio Frequency Pixel can achieve in as little as one session what other RF technologies would take multiple sessions. Addresses scarring, stretch marks, skin texture and elasticity. Approved for tightening of the eyelid area for a lift & tighter appearance. RF Pixel treats beneath the epidermis, providing significant dermal thermal impact and resurfacing/tightening.
Post Care kit included.

R.F. Body Contouring
Skin Tightening / Cellulite Reduction$325+ Depending on area
Discounted Packages of 3 or more available.
Non Invasive Skin tightening / Cellulite reduction. Fat cell size reduced up to 2 inches in Stomach area. One inch reduction in flanks, inner & outer thighs, arms, face and neck. Results after one treatment.

VShape Ultra– Non Invasive Fat Reduction $425 Per area
Discounted Packages of 3 or more available.
Non Surgical fat loss solution that utilizes patented ShearWave Ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells. Targets any area of the body (abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs).

Laser Hair Reduction & In Motion Reduction– Hair removal. Offering the newest award winning technology with contact cooling making it virtually pain free. Hair reduction occurs in only 6-8 treatments with this technology.

You should not tan, use self tanner, tweeze or wax for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Stop all photo-sensitizing medication for 2 weeks prior to treatment. If the area is sun exposed you should also wear an SPF 30 sunscreen. You will also need to shave the area 24 prior to treatment. There is a possibility of redness, swelling, and loss or increase of pigmentation in the area.

Packages are for 8 treatments, includes 2 FREE touch-ups.

Small Area – $449 – Brows, Cheeks, Chin, Feet/Toes, Hands, Upper Lip, Back of Neck

Medium Area – $649 – 1/2 Arms, Underarms, Full Face, Bikini, Buttocks

Large Area – $749 – Abdomen, Chest, Brazilian, Full Arms, 1/2 Legs

Xtra Large Area – $1149 – Full Back, Full Legs

Photo Facial– IPL 540 – Face, Neck or Chest $150 | Full Arms $250
Targets Pigmentation & Sun Damage

LaseMD Thulium– Face $399 |Neck & Décolletage $349 | Full Arms $499
Non Ablative Fractional Laser that targets sun damage and pigment. Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing in that it rebuilds glowing, healthy skin with a non ablative gentle treatment. Customized outcomes with no down time.

Spider Vein Reduction– 4″x 4″ area $299 (consult needed to determine price)

Facial Vessel treatment– Dye VL (500-600nm) Great for Rosacea, Cherry angiomas, Broken capillaries & Port wine stains $125+

Tattoo Removal– 2×2 area $199+ | 4×4 area $399
Discounted packages of 4 or more available

The Quanta Q-Plus C is the only FDA approved laser that offers three true laser wavelengths (1064, 694, 532). Which can successfully remove ALL colors of ink.

Impact Deep– Product Infusion $99 serum included
A procedure that infuses topical compounds into the epidermis up to 100x deeper than other devices. Great for Melasma & Hyperpigmentation.